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"Traditional" Divorce:

  • Client-focused approach through all stages of resolution - from pre-trial negotiation through trial and appeal if necessary;
  • Property Division and allocation of debts;
  • Spousal Maintenance/Alimony
  • Child Custody;
  • Child Support.

Collaborative Divorce:

  • Agreement to work collaboratively with other party, attorneys and professionals;
  • "Four-way" meetings with parties, attorneys, financial planners and/other professionals to resolve issues;
  • financial issues including property division and alimony;
  • custody and visitation issues, including child support;
  • Clients control the outcome instead of a judge;
  • Long-lasting agreements that work.

Relief From Abuse Actions:

  • Protect yourself and your children from abuse!
  • Emergency Petitions

​Enforcement and Modification of Existing Court Orders

  • ​Is it time to review your child support order or have circumstances changed since it was entered?  You may have the right to change the order.
  • Is your former spouse or partner not following the court orders?  Denying you visitation or not exercising his or/her own visitation?  You may be able to get a new order depending on the change in circumstances.